Help the Children of Mary’s School


Background of the school

St.Mary’s Education Society is in Tindivanam, a small village in Villupuram district of Tamilnadu State in India. The Society had established a school  in 1972 named Mary’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School which operates on the principle that every child deserves an education. We currently have 950 students studying from pre-school to Year 12 levels. (Equivalent to Junior College education in Singapore) Despite running at a loss, the school provides totally free education to 55 very poor children from Tindivanam and surrounding villages.Without the help from Mary’s, these children will not be able to go to school at all and many would be forced into child labor. The remainder of the students are fee-paying, however as many of these children are also from families dependent on unstable incomes, around 30% of the children are full fee paying students and pay their fees a considerable time in arrears. Some of these students are currently five years behind in fee payment. This means that the income received by the school is insufficient to cover its day to day running and payments such as the salaries of teachers which are made irregularly. Furthermore, the number of students attending the school increases every year and we are at present in desperate need of upgrading various basic facilities to accommodate them.

Measurable results

Out of the students who complete their secondary education at Mary’s, the vast majority go on to further studies. Last year, 55 out of 65 Year 12 students were accepted into university. Of those students who do not manage to complete secondary school, the majority manage to achieve Standard 10 level (the most basic educational qualification in India, undertaken at age 14) thanks to our willingness to give them an affordable education. Completion of Standard 10 qualifies girls from poor families to receive a government payment upon marriage, which is vital for the survival of poor girls.It also runs summer courses in computers aimed at adults in the villages seeking vocational training in order to find work.

In these ways Mary’s empowers both child and adult students by equipping them with the skills and qualifications they need to take an active role in directing the course of their lives, rather than being confined by the situation into which they were born.

Facilities that we lack and urgently need 

As we receive no financial support from the government, we rely heavily on bank loans for the purchase and maintenance of school facilities. As a result, the school is stretched financially and remains severely under resourced in a number of areas. We would be most grateful if you would take the time to consider whether any of these projects is something that you might be willing to support.

  1. The children of the Kindergarten should have a separate section with spacious classrooms, play area and equipments. But presently they have small classrooms which are in the Primary Block. Hence we are planning to purchase a plot of land ,construct the classrooms as per Govt.norms of Kindergarten and then shift the kids there for which we need funding.We accept and appreciate any amount that you are willing to donate.
  2. As number of students have increased in the Primary Section ,we need to build additional classrooms in the first floor and second floor of the existing Block.
  3. We are looking to develop a web page so that interested donors can find out more about the school. However, we do not have the financial ability, the resources nor the expertise to do so.
  4. Currently there are only 10 computers for 950 students which is highly insufficient. Hence it would be a great help if you could donate few computers to the school.
  5. We would like to install the water purification system in our school to provide clean and filtered water to the students for which we need financial help.
  6. There are 55 very poor rural children who are offered free education by the school and who need Donors.
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