Construction has begun!

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Construction on completing Narelle Block has started! As some of you may know, this project is imperative to the survival of Mary’s School. For those that do not- the government of Tamil Nadu has passed legislation creating restrictions on private schools (which Mary’s is classified as); the school cannot be in more than one location, as the NGO is currently. In order to renew our license to be recognized by the government of the state, the six new classrooms have to be completed. Then, Mary’s School will be able to conduct all of its classes in one location!
As of yet, we have not received funding for this project. Due to rising parental concerns over the quality of the current classrooms, the Principal and Correspondent had to make the tough decision to pull money from their own pockets. This is a call to anyone who can spare just a little money to help cover the costs! Here are links to more information about the project and easy ways to donate:


Anything helps! Thank you so much for the consideration!

– Brianne, the current intern

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