new angels in tindivanam


From the 1st of September, in Tindivanam, their volunteer job started Anna and Julia from Poland. They start teaching kids from 8 years old to 12 years old. The most important subjects they were talking about was:

  • Plans and Dreams about Future
  • The Magic of Travelling
  • How can I protect Nature?
  • What differences are between ours Countries?
  • Using English to help tourist
  • Using English in every situations in ours life.

…and a lot more 🙂

There is a special relation between children and Angles. They are not only teachers and students but they are also friends. Lessons are not only lessons but they are turned into conversations. It’s about understanding and supporting… It’s about being there for each other.

See pictures of work’s Anna and Julia!

Enjoy with us 🙂

drawing...! :) Anna with the students Anse Cabanse game lunch break Beautiful girls on the break :) Julia is playing Anse Cabanse! playing writting Julia with students Pure Beauty Summer Camp Julia is checking...:) writting on the lesson lunch break lunch break  "I'm going to the school!" DSC_3973 DSC_3590 DSC_3741


Now, girls are looking for donations for furniture (desks and benches)  which are very important and it’s and urgent but not expensive need… Everyone who is interested in helping, please contact us! They are doing their best because theirs interships almost finished…:(
The group of Mary’s Angels is getting bigger… Paloma and Marianne from Chile just joined Julia and Anna :).

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One Response to new angels in tindivanam

  1. Viviana says:

    God bless you girls!!

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