Interns- Wonderful Experience.

I am Sophia Malinovskaya from Russia. I came to Mary’s School to do my internship in Teaching English to the rural poor children. It was a great experience to be in Mary`s school as an English teacher. I came to spend 6 weeks teaching children and stayed for more than 2 months. These 2 months time was priceless for me as it gave me a unique experience and also realize my teaching skills . I grew up in my professional skills and I grew up as a person too. I understood that children can teach you too – teach how to be positive and easy-going, how to be grateful with what you have and how to be passionate about new knowledge. I brought a piece of my culture to the classroom and my students did the same for me. And I am so grateful for that. This experience gave me better understanding of Indian culture and its values. I believe that my presence here made little changes for school and its pupils. If my children remember my lessons and that will make them more passionate for learning new things, I`ll be happy to see my aims achieved.

I`ve travelled to some beautiful places in India. I was lucky to have Wendy – other intern from China – as a friend and co-worker for a month. I wish to come back one day again to see the school and my children grown up as persons and students!

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