” MARY’S ANGELS”


A little background on the NGO

St. Mary’s Educational Society was registered as a nonprofit organization in 1997, and subsequently established Mary’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Tindivanam, Tamil Nadu with the revolutionary motto: “Every child deserves an education, regardless of their social status, religion, caste and color.” The school adheres primarily to the very poor children and adolescents of the city and surrounding area. There are currently 900 students attending the school; out of those Mary’s provides free education to 55 of the them, and 30 percent have defaults on their payments. Because Mary’s NGO receives no monetary assistance from the government, it becomes difficult to pay back loans from land purchase, give salaries to the staff, and provide basic amenities and maintenance to the school.

The Current Project

Community Building Project.

The school not only serves the Society in imparting education to the less privileged but also to the people living around it . Hence the present need  is a Community Hall and Indoor playground which will be useful  not only to the students but also to the people . This new building  will be constructed in the land owned by the school  .

The community Hall will serve for various causes like educational Seminars, awareness camps on Health and hygiene, Medical workshops etc. We believe that with the money that we can get from this Community Hall will support other projects.

The construction of the Community Hall will self sustain itself and also serve to support the education of those poor rural children.
The People

The primary overseers of the project are Mrs. Sharmila Anand, the principal of the school, and Mr. STB Anand, correspondent- both very passionate, hardworking people dedicated to their students. They also incorporate a foreign intern in their work, responsible for teaching English and assisting with fund-raising projects. The direct beneficiaries of donations to the project are the students of the NGO and their future success in life.

The Why

St. Mary’s is an oasis for those children and their parents who may have lost hope in ever achieving anything more than simply subsisting. Out of the 65 students completing their last year, 55 went on to attend universities. It is renowned for how well its children speak English, a vital skill in the ever-developing business world and higher education.

Please consider donating to this extremely important cause; this school is the only chance that some children have at a better life. As the current intern working at the NGO, I can guarantee that any and all donations will go directly to the improvement of the school and its children.


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  1. J.Rekha says:

    Hi all,
    Myself J.Rekha, one of the 2004 alumni of this school. I did my schooling right from KG to +2 here.

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